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About Us:
Jet Wash Auto Spa is an independently owned and operated Self Serve car and dog wash with a full serve detail center. Featuring a barn style heated facility that is available to its customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The car wash is located in the heart of Airdrie, Alberta boasting 6500 sqft with five large wash bays. Both the entrance and exit doors are 11.5 feet tall by 12 feet wide which can accommodate everything from the smallest car to the largest truck. Jet Wash Auto Spa offers only the best quality soaps and waxes for your vehicle. All of the products that are used here at Jet Wash Auto Spa are biodegradable, safe for the environment and locally manufactured.
The business's foundation is built on quality & community involvement. We know that to properly clean a vehicle takes time and precision. Jet Wash Auto Spa has the highest dollar-to-minute ratio service. To maximize your washing efficiency, the hot water and pressure settings are set at a high 1400 psi to ensure your soap is removed quickly and effectively. You'll wash your vehicle with premium quality soap and water because it is maintained by a soft water system, which enhances its effectiveness. Jet Wash Auto Spa also features a true reverse osmosis spot free rinse, which uses mineral-free water to prevent water spots. If you want to go that extra mile, there are detailers on site seven days a week. OFFERING A FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE or PICKUP & DROP OFF OF VEHICLE WITHIN AIRDRIE CITY LIMITS.
Jet Wash isn’t just a business in the community of Airdrie – it is a fixture of the community. We understand the importance of community involvement and want to do everything we can to make the city we are a part of the best it can be. Jet Wash is a member of the Airdrie Chambers and supports many different charity functions and community based organizations with donations.
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